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Crushed Limestone Products:

    -3/8” Limestone Screenings

    -3/4” with fines road base

    -1 3/4” with fines road base

    -3” with fines breaker run

    -3/4” or 1” clear limestone

    -Gabion Stone 6-12” for runoff areas

    -Rip Rap 12-18” medium

    -Rip Rap 18-24” heavy

    -Limestone “boulders” retaining walls


Crushed Sandstone Products:

    -3/8” Screened sand (fine backfill sand)

    -1” Minus screened sand (backfill sand)

    -3” Crushed sand breaker run

Recycled Material Products:

    -1” Screened reground asphalt

    -1” Crushed asphalt base

    -Crushed concrete breaker run


    -Regular unscreened topsoil

    -Pulverized and screened topsoil

    -Soil blends upon request,quantity mins


Fill Material

    -Clay type fill material

    -General fill material

We also accept recycleable materials

    -Clean asphalt

    -Clean concrete

    -Delivered to our pits

Call Nathan Hammersley for pricing